Ammunition Services

Ammunition Sales

Ammunition Sales

We specialise in tailor-made reloaded ammunition, specifically for:

  • Heavy, dangerous game calibres
  • Anti-poaching units
  • Modern hunting calibres
  • Classic, hard-to-find calibres
  • Sport shooting disciplines
  • The security industry

At Stronghold Arms, we make use of computer simulation programs such as QuickLOAD, and a number of industry reference manuals to develop the starting point for our reloaded ammunition.

From there, we use only the finest components – Woodleigh, Barnes, Peregrine, and Frontier bullets, Somchem, Vhitavuori and IMR powders, and CCI, Winchester and Fiocchi primers – to develop test loads.

These loads are range-tested for performance, and finally, when we are where the client wants to be, the finished products are tested in the customer’s own rifle for reliability.

We also source and supply commercially-manufactured ammunition.

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