Founded in 1999 by Christopher Pakenham, Security Communications is a long-established venture in Zimbabwe, and its latest subsidiary, Stronghold Arms and Ammunition offers a wide range of services from a trusted name of over 20 years in Zimbabwean business.

Stronghold Arms is much more than just a “gun shop” and offers across-the-board services and tailor-made solutions for anything firearm-related.

Stronghold Arms and Ammunition incorporates a dedicated sport shooting club, Stronghold Shooting Club, which is affiliated to the Zimbabwe Pistol and Smallbore Association, and we are also affiliated to Cleveland Pistol Club and The Harare Gun Club, and we have access to the facilities on both clubs’ ranges for both instruction and live firing exercises All of our staff are registered firearms instructors.

We specialize in:

  • Buying and selling of new and used firearms, ammunition and accessories.
  • Custom repair and refinishing work.
  • Tailor-made reloaded ammunition, specifically catering to heavy, dangerous game calibres.
  • Project consultancy.
  • Basic firearm safety training.
  • Advanced firearms training programmes and accreditation for range safety officers and firearms instructors.
  • Advanced-level firearm training for anti-poaching units, and the safari industry.
  • Consultancy on firearms legislation and licensing.
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